Activities in 2018

  1. Training of IT, Internet, Social Media and Entrepreneurship for Marginalized and Undeserved Youth (equality gender)
  2. Training of Literacy for Isolated and Indigenous People
  3. Training of Entrepreneurship Management for the Small Business

Activities in 2017

  1. Training of IT (Microsoft Office) for the Voluntary Teachers of Elementary School
  2. Training of Internet and Preparing Online Report for Elementary School Operators
  3. Training of Traditional Dances for the Student of Elementary School
  4. Training of Entrepreneurship Management for the Small Business Entreprises
  5. Training of Basic English for Student of Elementary School
  6. Competition of IT and Basic English for the student of Elementary, Yunior and Senior High School
  7. Training of IT (Ms. Office) and Internet for the Poor and Marginalized Youth
  8. Donating of writing and textbooks for the Poor Student

Activities in 2016

  1. Training of Read Holy Qur'an for the Student of Elementary School
  2. Training of IT (Ms. Office), Social Media and Internet for the Youth
  3. Assisting to Improving Facilities and Materials of School Library
  4. Training of Entrepreneurship for the Potential Youth
  5. Training of Literacy for the Indenous People in Remote Area
  6. Competition of IT, Basic English and Read Holy Qur'an for the Student
  7. Training of Handycrafts and Entrepreneurship for the Youth
  8. Training of Art and Traditional Dancing for the Student

Aid and Appreciation

  1. Teacher Work Group 2002
  2. Equipment Donation from Media Training Centre 2005
  3. Equipment Donation from Tokkonan Cooperative 2005
  4. Small Grants and Equipment from USAID-DBE3 2006
  5. Books Donation from The Asia Foundation 2007
  6. Appreciation Mid Term Review from USAID-DBE1 2008
  7. Appreciation from The Board of Education 2012
  8. Appreciation from Department of Library and Archieves 2014
  9. Small Grants from Department of Education and Culture 2016
  10. Small Grants from Departement of Library and Archieves 2016