The lack of knowledge, skills, competencies and insight for the communities in developing countries has brought huge impact, such as rising of unemployment, poverty, underdevelopment and violence. If these problems do not resolved wisely, it is not imposible  to be escalate into the crime or terrorism.

But however, we are realized that the government in developing countries do not have enough funds, resources,  equipment and special programs that can increase the skills, knowledge, competencies and reseources for the community especially for the youth. While the most low economic life of society is almost not possible for them to join the  training in the field of technology that they consider very expensive and luxurious.

Non Governmen organizations are urgently needed for their role in bridging the technological gaps for vulnerable, marginalized and undeserrved youth (gender equality) to help develop their potential, creativity, talents, initiative and social responsibility through training in the field of technology, entrepreneurship and other life skills. So that they will be able to get knowledge, skills, competence and insight in the field of IT as a provision/skills to get a good job or open their own business and spread their knowledge and skills to others in their environment in order to improve their quality of life.

YAYASAN PENDIDIKAN DAN INFORMASI BAMBAPUANG (NGO BAMBAPUANG EDUCATION AND INFORMATION since established in 22 June 1999 has been actively and sustainably  providing of IT, Internet, Social Media, Literacy, Entrepreneurship, Home Industry, Handy Crafts, Local Skills & other Educational Training, Social and Culture Activities, donating of writing tools,  textbooks and uniform  for the poor, minority, marginalized, undeserved/isolated, indegenous people and disability children, students, youth and general community with free and gender equality.