Vision and Mission

"Creating of intelligent, innovative and independent children, students, youth and general community based of local and global skills oriented for the better life"
(1) Inspire lifelong learning, advance knowledge, empower and strengthen poor and marginalized society, (2) Providing an opportunity in improving of quality of education through non formal education, (3) Develop and support creativity and sharing of technology innovation, (4)Improving standart and quality of life for the poor, marginalized, minority, undeserved/isolated and disability through providing of various kind of training



Providing of human resources development in the field of :

(1) Internet and Sosial Media,  (2) Basic English, Entreprenurship and Literacy, (3) Local Skill, Handycrafts and Home Industri, (4) Social and Culture Activities, (5) Meeting and Competition of Science and Technology, (6) Donating of uniforms, writing and textbooks, (7) Assisting and Services of Small and Medium Entreprises.


Targets of Activities

(1) Children and Students, (2) Youth and Community, (3) Small Business, (4) School and Education Facilities, (5) Worship Places, (6) Community Places


Profile / Structure of Organization

The name of Organization : Yayasan Pendidikan dan Informasi Bambapuang

Established in : 1999

Notary : Mr. H. Edy Raja Napatar Rumahorbo, SH

Number of Notary Deed of Establishment /Year : 16, 22 June 1999



(1) Suparman Lasiga, (2) Ely Kamaya, (3) Baharuddin, (4) Zainuddin, (5) Bambang Djamma


Daily Board

Executive Director : Mr. Bambang Djamma

Secretary : Mr. Ely Kamaya

Finance  : Mrs. Sri Muliati Yusuf


Sections IT, Internet and Social Media

Mr. Bambang Djamma

Mr. Heri Kuswanto

Mr. Yusri haspan

Mr. Nur Ichsan

Mrs. Yuyi Hamjaz


Bacic English, Literacy and Entrepreneurship

Mr. Ely Kamaya

Mr. Djamaluddin

Mr. Ahmad Ladeng

Mr. Mustamin Latief

Mr. Nasruddin


Child Coaching and Training

Mrs. Yenni Rahman

Mrs. Handayani

Mrs. Nazly Y.


Al-Lughatul Arabiah

Mr. Abd. Azis

Mr. Baharuddin

Mr. Edy Junaidi


Social, Culture and Small Entrepreneurship

Mr. Kamil Yusuf

Mr. Hardin Riso

Mrs. Sri Muliati Yuusf


Law / Legal Aid

Mr. Arifin, SH

Mrs. Nurlaela, SH